Taking good care of your new shoes will ensure them a prolonged lifetime. Please take a moment and read through these recommendations.


Not all shoes come fully waterproofed, so we recommend treating these shoes with a waterproof spray before the first wear. Specialist sprays are available for a variety of different leather types. If in doubt take the shoes with you when purchasing a shoe care product and ask for advice as to which product is most suitable.

After natural wear and tear you may want to revitalize the color of your shoes. This can be done with specialist sprays which have a similar tone to your shoe leather. We recommend making a trial on the inside of the shoe beforehand to ensure a perfect match and avoid any unwanted color change.
Cleaning your shoes regularly help give your shoes a longer life. There are a variety of general and more specialist shoe care products that can be purchased. If in doubt take the shoes with you when purchasing a shoe care product and ask for advice as to which product is most suitable. It is normal that overtime some softer leathers may become dry and lose some of their natural finish. To overcome this we recommend that you regularly apply a thin layer of nourishing cream and buff lightly with a cloth
Suede is a sensitive material so it is important to be careful. Suede should be brushed gently with a suede rubber, smoothing down all the fibers in the same direction. We recommend applying a protective waterproofing spray which is specifically for suede and nubuck. We recommend using a colorless spray especially in the beginning. Suede cannot be polished therefore it is important to add stain resistance and moisture repellent as soon as possible. Spray only lasts a certain amount of time, therefore repeat from time to time to maintain the protective layer.
Drying Shoes
When shoes become wet from outdoor use, dry with a soft, clean cloth and let them dry in natural/warm environment. Should the shoes be so wet that they are damp on the inside, we recommend packing the inside of the shoes with newspaper to help absorb water. Do not dry shoes in front of a heater or in direct sunlight as this may damage the shoes. When drying, avoid contact with darker materials as this may cause some color to leak or transfer onto the shoes.
Most of our shoes are built on leather soles. If your shoes don’t come with rubber-reinforced soles, it’s advisable to have your local shoe maker/repair shop apply them. This will protect your sole, waterproof it, and make it non-skid. If your leather soles get wet, allow them to dry naturally.
Salt stains
While salt stains not only look unpleasant they can also cause damage to your shoes. Salt stains can be reduced or removed completely by mixing water together with a few drops of lemon or special agent and applying with a cloth or sponge. After shoes have dried, treat with shoe polish or spray.